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Tartina Di Mare – Review

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Tartina Di Mare – Jounieh

Firstly, I would like to deeply thank both Mario & Elie for the unsurpassed hospitality and professionalism. The passionate duo gave us the opportunity to thoroughly understand the fruit of their limitless dreams. Tartina Di Mare, for me, is not a hidden gem, it’s simply that type of gems that you need to try on in order to understand its true value. The outlet is minimal on the level of size, but it can easily serve a great number of customers due to the smart usage of space, and the utterly fast service.

It ranks as a great outlet to grab a quick high-end meal that’s pocket friendly, tasty, and authentic all at the same time.

The following review will be divided into 5 segments:

Owners (I don’t usually include this, but this time I have to): Never have I ever met individuals that are as passionate about their restaurant as Mario and Elie are. These guys have invested their time and money and even their careers in order to provide the community with a globally-unpreceded concept. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with an ear-to-ear contagious smile and right after taking our seats, Mario proceeded relentlessly with informing us about how the “Tartina Di Mare” idea came to be. He even went over each and every aspect of the place, including all the menu items and the ingredients used (we’ll go into further details later on in the review). The duo joined us and had dinner with us as well and it was more of a cozy meet up with amazingly friendly people, and we even wished SardonicA  a happy birthday while there. The score that I’ll be giving this segment is based on the owners’ professionalism and friendliness. Score: 5/5

Mood/Ambiance: A hefty amount of reading and research was invested into creating the décor of the place. Starting with the color combination, the red seats to the wooden elements, and all the way to the TV that’s showcasing a tour over Italy. The outlet transmits a feeling of coziness and relaxation, and even though you’re at a fast food restaurant, you get that home/comfort-zone feel (Possibly due to the friendliness of the owners). The songs that are played also compliment the concept and it’s that type of music that you don’t get bored off easily. The place is perfectly clean and strict measures are followed in order to keep everything hygienically superior. Score: 5/5

Presentation: The soup, salads, and pastas are served in a white round bowl (Same size for all of the latter). The sandwiches are served wrapped in white parchment paper. The pizzas are served on rectangular white plates. The whole order is placed on a tray topped with a “Tartina Di Mare” branded placemat. An oval shaped white plate is also provided with “Stainless” utensils. The wine is served in “Stainless” Crystal glasses. The portion size is huge (compared to the price you’re paying). The garnish is simple yet very appealing. The food looked fresh, and the colors were vibrant. Overall the visual was overly satisfying. Score: 5/5

Taste: the TDM duo shared with us the following menu items:

  • Zuppa Di Tartina: A Seafood soup that acquires a great aroma. How rare is that? It’s as smooth as it can get and it has the ability to tickle your taste buds with each and every spoonful you take.
  • Granchio Salata: Succulent Crab that’s thoroughly blended with the rest of the ingredients so that you may enjoy the tenderness and juiciness in each and every bite you take (And trust me when I say, this crab tastes different than any other crab you’ve tasted before).
  • Pasta Rosa: My oh my… Perfectly cooked pasta that acquires a great texture, with added salmon and a heavenly sauce that’s smoky and delectable in its own special way.
  • Pizza Salmone: For me this was the highlight of the bunch, an authentic Italian pizza dough, a generous amount of salmon, and perfectly balanced sauce-to-cheese ratio. You need to order this pizza, you just need to.
  • Tonno Con Rucola: It is firstly vital to mention that authentic Ciabatta bread is used in the preparation of this sandwich. The tenderness of the Tuna is the star in this menu item. It just melts in your mouth and gives you this fresh taste that’s absent in most other outlets. Definitely a must try.
  • Polpo: I’m usually not a fan of octopus, due to negative previous experiences in other restaurants, however it was tender, and tasted almost like chicken if I may say. A very palatable sandwich and the ingredients ratio is on point as well. (the same high quality ciabatta bread is used)
  • Pistachio Rustico: Have you ever had a dessert in which the after taste is even better than the taste itself? This is how you can simply describe this beauty. A balanced sweetness and a great new dessert to try that’s not comparable to anything else.
  • Torta Al Ciccolato: The chocolate used in this dessert is actually Italian and is called: “Guanaja”, It features 3 layers that blend together when you take a bite and create an outstanding concoction in your mouth.
  • Caramelo Con Formaggio: Take two great tasting elements, the first being Caramel, the second being Cheese cake, put them together, use high quality ingredients, and you will not even come close to replicating this masterpiece. Ever took a bite out of heaven? Try this dessert, this is as close as you can get.

Score: 5/5

Service: The service was majorly fast, especially for such luxurious menu items. And as previously mentioned, the owners are by far ones of the best people you could ever meet.

Overall score: 5/5

Highly recommended.


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