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Centrico – Badaro

In order to reach the outlet, you may follow these directions: When in Sami el Solh area, take the first right turn “After” McDonald’s and you will find Centrico at the end of the street.

The outlet is spacious and offers both indoors and outdoors seating options. Centrico also provides a wide variety of tasteful drinks and, impressively, some flavorful food items as well. It ranks as a great place to meet up with friends to enjoy some drinks and taste delectable food creations.

The following review will be divided into 3 segments:

Presentation/Ambiance: The outlet has a greatly relaxing feel to it, the interior décor is sublime, and the music (mostly Yanis – The owner – ‘s Playlist) is just beautiful. The color combination of the place is very inviting and the earthy/woody elements are bursting with coziness. The food presentation was eye-candy. The Tapas, Salads, Main Dish, Desserts, and even the drinks were served in a very appealing manner (the latter is apparent in the attached photos). However, I suggest that they invest in some branded placemats to create an even more appealing visual. Score: 4/5

Taste: We have had the chance to try the following menu items:

  • Turkey Croquetas: Heavenly, Buttery Goodness. As simple as that. However, the turkey flavor is a bit overpowered, so you can’t actually taste it properly.
  • Chicken Quesadillas: Firstly, the presentation is hands down superb. The taste is even more impressive; I will surely be going back to devour more of these bastards.
  • Provoletta Cheese melt with bread: If you took a piece of heaven, and dipped it in the well of eternity, it will pretty much taste the same as this. (don’t you dare not order this).
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms: Take two delicious elements, put them together and see the smile upon people’s faces. The menu item does just that.
  • Patatas Bravas: Tastes good, the sauce is light and the potato texture is on point.
  • Honey Glazed Chicken: I suggest you give this dish another name, possibly: “Centrico Chicken”, since the current name suggests that the dish will be somewhat sweet and has a sugary crispiness to it, but that is not the case. So to avoid such issues, a change of the name would solve the problem since the dish itself taste great (Once you get over the name).
  • Goat Cheese Salad: Ingredients ratio is great; the combination of flavors is also plausible.
  • Quinoa Salad: The quinoa is perfectly cooked, the salmon is fresh, and the whole thing is flavorful.
  • Ice Cream: We had the chance to taste 3 varieties, Ice cream that’s served in a pineapple, Ice cream that’s served in a coconut, and icecream that’s served in a mini jar. The Pineapple one was utterly refreshing, the coconut one was very smooth, The jar(caramel) ice cream was delish especially with the additional nuts.
  • Crepe: Very light and high quality chocolate was used in the preparation.
  • Gin & cucumber (And “shi” according to Yanis): The drink floats like a weightless feather over your taste buds and is majorly refreshing.

Score: 4/5

Service: Part of the staff was involved in an unfortunate accident so the Owner/Manager Yanis had to do the extra work to ensure that everything went according to plan, and I must say that we highly respected the efforts that Yanis has invested, given the fact that everything was simply perfect. The owner is majorly positive and has a permanent smile upon his face and is very down to earth. Score: 4.5/5

Overall Score: 4.16/5

Highly Recommended.

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