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Casper & Gamibini’s – Delivery Review

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Casper & Gambini’s – Dora

This place features a wide variety of menu items to choose from in your pursuit of pampering yourself. The most plausible feature is the utterly quick delivery and freshness of the food upon receipt.

I constantly and repeatedly opt for C&G when ordering food to my workplace which happens to be quite close to their delivery center.

The following review will be divided into 3 segments:

Presentation: The food arrives packed in “Casper & Gambini’s” branded white paper bags, The sandwiches are wrapped in “Casper & Gambini’s” branded parchment paper. The salads are served in transparent plastic boxes that feature a paper-based ribbon that reads: Fresh Salad / A selection of the finest veggies turned into savory salads. The orders are usually paired with plastic utensils, salt, a toothpick, a napkin and a small packet of Tic Tac or a couple of Smint. The food looks very appealing and the salads are vibrantly colorful. The portion size is generous. The delivery guy is wearing a C&G uniform as well. Score: 5/5

Taste: I have had the chance to try a variety of their menu items but i will be shedding light of the following:

  • Cashew Chicken Rice Bowl: A tasteful combination of Hoisin Chicken and cashew with rice and a distinct sauce. A must try.
  • Lasagna Bolognese Al Forno: Good portion size. The ingredients ratio was on point.
  • Chef’s Panini: This menu item allows you try a variety of their sandwiches in mini portions, such as Casper’s Smoker Salmon, Basil Bresaolo, Camembert & Fig, and farmhouse chicken. It also comes paired with some chips which i personally did not like much
  • Spinach Chicken Salad: A tasty salad that’s both healthy and filling.
  • C and G Classic Sandwich: A simple chicken sandwich with C&G twist, this is the kind of sandwiches you order as a safe bet.
  • Casper’s Chicken Caeser Salad: the Caeser dressing was very smooth and the chicken was tender.
  • Asian Sesame Chicken Salad: This is the best salad i’ve had from C&G a definite must-try. It features some spicy roast chicken breast along with wonton crips and a flavorful sesame vinaigrette.
  • Classic Panini (Brown Baguette): Similar to the Chef’s panini but it features a different set of sandwiches, Casper’s Roast Beef, Tarragon Chicken, Best Ever Tuna, and Vegetarian Special. This also comes paired with chips. (same comment as before).
  • C And G Egg Special: Next time you’re around brunch time, give this menu item a go. It features a combination of ingredients that go really well together.
  • Santa-Fe Chicken Salad: A great mixture that’s not conventional and is also filling.
  • Classic Chef Salad: Another Safe-Bet salad that’s fresh and tasteful.

Score: 4.5/5

Service: The order arrives in a record time to my workplace. The delivery guys are very polite and friendly. Score: 5/5

Overall Score: 4.83/5

Highly Recommended.


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